Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dogs can read your mind so be positive!

Our veterinarian and animal communicator believe that dogs are able to read your mind. So, if you are trying to train your beagle or correct your beagle's behavior (ours has a habit of howling at other dogs on the street while on leash), it is very important to have a positive state of mind. If you get into a situation where you think your dog will misbehave, there's a good chance he will!

In our case, when we are walking Duke and see a dog approaching, if we freeze up and get nervous, Duke tends to react. Recently I created a phrase that I say to myself whenever I find myself in that situation - it reads,

"Duke, here's a chance for you to really impress us!"

I find that saying that to myself puts me in a positive state of mind and I am confident that Duke can read our minds!

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