Monday, October 22, 2007

Xsara from Slovenia

Here's an amazing Beagle named Xsara who has been trained using only positive methods.

Here's her owner's tips on how she did it:

"If using clicker, first teach her that click is always followed by a reward (in my case food). Start clicking every time she looks at you. You want her to pay attention and think that you are really fun. Never work more than 15 minutes together - beagles get bored. Stop playing when it's most fun and she will always want more. Never play until she gets bored! Plan every step of teaching a trick but make every step easy enough for the dog so that she will feel very smart and confident!"

I've bolded some of the most interesting bits. Sometimes we train Duke for too long and he ends up getting bored and giving up. A good example would be having him check in/watch us too much. He stops listening after a while...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Step Ahead" Level 2 Obedience Class - Class #6

Oopsies Duke was supposed to sit/stay until I turn around and tell him to go down from a distance - this video is Andre and my favourite! This is a scene from the last class of 'Step Ahead' recorded by Duke's classmate, Photon's Dad. In round two of the game, Photon and Phoebe won, going down right after their mom's said the command - amazing!

It was a fun games night that included sit-stay-musical chairs, Sparky Says (like Simon Says)and the game above in the video 'Bang'. We played several more games, but I can't remember what they were!

It was a really fun night!