Tuesday, September 30, 2008

stargazer lily and duke

we've recently moved into a house and since there are less yuppies/bar stars in our new 'hood, there are less dogs too. this has made life more relaxing for duke.

sometimes we won't even see a dog for the whole duration of a 45min walk.

interestingly, when we do encounter dogs now he has been pretty calm and rarely has his howling bouts. he has yet to go ballistic over a dog in this new 'hood.

we've even had a few great run ins where we've been able to walk past dogs on the same side of the sidewalk. sure he needs his treats to get past the dog, but at least he doesn't howl!

another interesting thing. in our old neighbourhood, duke would sometimes pick up a scent and would go into what we call 'hunter mode'. in 'hunter mode' duke is squeeking and sniffing at an extremely rapid pace. during this time he can't even hear his name and he pulls like he's forgotten how to walk on leash. sometimes these trails would lead us to an un-neutered dog.

what's interesting is that in this new 'hood, there are more dogs that aren't altered, yet duke has yet to go into 'hunter mode'.

all in all i think duke is enjoying his new life in the new 'hood!