Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Rocky the 6 year old beagle at Trinity-Bellwoods

This weekend on Duke's long, long Sunday walk, we were walking with Leah and her dog (Duke's girlfriend!) Sophie.

As we were leaving Trinity-Bellwoods Park, off in the distance, by a tree, we saw the flash of a beagle in the middle of a hunt! He was chasing squirrels and just like Duke, nose to the ground, tail wagging.

We talked to his owner and learned that just like Duke...

1) He used to go off leash in the dog park, but he would run off and get into fights with other dogs or chase mice.
2) Boxers are his enemy!
3) Non-neutered dogs are his enemy!

We recently learned from one of the neighbourhood dogwalkers that Non-neutered and Neutered dogs should never interact with one another. A lot of conflict and flights erupt when you mix dogs like that up. If you have a non-neutered dog, PLEASE consider doing the right thing and neutering him. If you can't because you intend to show or breed him, then don't take him to an off-leash community dog park!!!

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