Monday, September 3, 2007

Lessons from "Step Ahead" Level 2 Obedience Class - Class #3

Class #3 for Step Ahead started with a review of Stand-Stay (which Duke couldn't do). And then a review of heel without the help of a lead. We also did a fun heel exercise where all the students became real life pylons and we took turns slaloming through the standing owners and dogs. (Duke got a little distracted but overall did well!)

I asked for some help on trying to correct Duke's sit. Because Duke likes to face his treats, he ends up sitting at 45degrees from where he should be. Here are some tips that I received:

  • when using a lure for the perfect sit, be slow and steady, not frantic

  • once the nose is following the lure, bring it up high and parallel to the outer thigh
  • putting the treat between the middle and ring fingers to create a cup with your hand can help the dog follow the lure better than a lure pinched between the thumb and index finger

The last lesson of the night was 'Touch'. This is when you hold out the palm of your hand and your dog touches your hand with his/her nose upon the command. I thought it was such a cool trick! It is supposed to help with heeling your dog.

To teach touch, hold out your hand (closer to make it easier at first) and when you dog touches your hand with it's nose, mark it w/ a treat/click. Once your dog starts touching your palm with more regularity then you can mark the action with the word 'Touch'. Eventually the palm cn be placed anywhere and the dog will touch it with it's nose.

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