Saturday, December 5, 2009

petey spam

snoozing petey

lick  lick

a  most handsome profile

i'm happy to report that we haven't had any biting incidents in the last couple of months because we know exactly what petey's triggers are.

he is house trained now and starts sniffing and circling the room when he wants to do his business - a great cue for us.

he is also a very snuggly beagle and so affectionate.

i'm going to have a lot of trouble giving him up! and secretly i'm hoping that people will be scared off by his biting history and won't apply to adopt him.... but that would be just selfish of me. petey has so much love to give, i shouldn't keep it all to myself :)


Kate and Rob said...

Wow, those pictures are melt in your mouth adorable. Those sweet, trusting, relaxed, content eyes and those velvety ears, my gosh.

It always amazes me how easy it is to win a dog's heart when they realize that they are safe in your hands.

Also....I heard this once before and can attest...beagles are like chips... the potato kind or chocolate in my case.... it's hard just to stop at one or two....for that matter :)

I really enjoy your updates!

Mary @ StaleCheerios said...

He is quite the cutie!

I just found you blog today and am very much enjoying reading through it!



happyd said...

Hi guys! Sorry for the late reply :)

Yes it is hard to stop at just one beagle, isn't it! Thanks for always stopping by Keegan!

Mary, welcome to baying beagle :)