Sunday, October 5, 2008

big news!

through the agency that helped us adopt duke, we were lucky enough to be chosen to foster elmo the beagle.

through many volunteers and a lot of big hearts, we picked up elmo tonight, who had a very long day driving up here from ohio.

the other dog that was picked up today is sylvie.

both dogs have been rescued from a shelter that was over capacity. these two dogs were among 11 that were scheduled to be put down last week. it seems like all 11 dogs will be saved thanks to the tireless volunteers at barlees for organizing this spectacular rescue operation!!

from liaising with the shelter, to finding appropriate foster families for these dogs, the work that the barlees volunteers do is absolutely amazing.

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Unknown said...

You guys have failed to mention yourselves as a big part of making this rescue happen. This is how big things happen, a bunch of people coming together and doing what they can. Elmo is safe because of you. If you can inspire a few others to go out on a limb and just help one, all the more good. Thanks for answering the call for help.